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We wouldn't be anything without our students! They help us be the best version we can be every day. See what they have to say! 



"I’ve been enrolled at Avalon since October 2021, and am currently in my second “module”. My experience so far has been nothing but positive! The instructors and staff truly want you to succeed in every class you take. I cannot recommend this school enough. On personal note, as a transgender person; I feel very safe, welcomed, and accepted at Avalon."

- Cameron Stodghill


"I am thrilled to write this today, marking my official transition to clinic hours. The past five months have presented their fair share of challenges, but every moment of hard work has truly been worth it. What sets Avalon apart is their unwavering commitment to your overall well-being, encompassing your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

If you're reading this review and contemplating your next move, take this as your sign to seize the opportunity, invest in yourself, and take that leap of faith. You won't regret it!"

- Octavia Callahan


"The staff, students & teachers are all awesome people who are literally in the business of serving and loving people into health. I am a current student and the curriculum is top notch! There is a professional atmosphere but with a personal touch that makes you feel invited and like you're a part of the family."

- Heather Vonberg


"Yes, you have found the right school!
It's one of the best Massage Therapy Schools in Houston!
I am a husband, entrepreneur, and father to 5 boys. Finding time to spend with my family, while running a business and excelling professionally, is always a balancing act.
I currently serve as a Sports Performance & Exercise Therapy Specialist and I was seeking to increase my scope of practice as a clinical specialist.
Avalon's School of Massage provides convenient (go at your own pace) learning, diverse curriculum, and in-depth hands-on training. Avalon’s compassionate teachers and staff have provided what I needed to take my professionalism to the next level."

- Jon Paul Dennis


"As a Student, I must say that this institution is as fine as they come. The staff and instructors are more than personable and intentional. They go above and beyond to properly educate their students on the Art of Massage therapy and the very broad history behind. On hand instructional Demos thru online and in person classes EVERY WEEK. Thai; Swedish; Shiatsu, Reflexology, and a multitude and combination of many more modalities are taught here. Great location. Great parking. Great staff. Great students. AMAZING Massages! Highly recommended."

- Will Moore


"This school is exceptional and very organized. The amount of knowledge I have acquired the first week makes me feel confident that after finishing the curriculum I will be able to execute my skills and knowledge to pass the MBLEx and operate a successful practice. I own 3 other businesses, working on my bachelor degree in marketing, I work full time as a consumer marketing specialist for a major automotive company, a single mother of two children under 10 and I attended Avalon. The tools that this institution provides has aided me to be able to juggle my full plate is phenomenal. If you are in search for a school that values their students and the material taught look no further this is the school for you! I do not write many reviews but I hope this review can help a student in my similar situation to take the plunge and invest in themselves."

- Alexandria Williams


"Best massage school in Houston , great staff friendly service and always willing to help their students achieve their goals. I’m so glad I chose Avalon their ceus are reasonably priced and they have great work study programs for students on a budget 👍🏽"

- Yesenia Reveron


"I chose this school after months of reviewing what was available in Houston, and finding the reviews for Avalon to be the most genuine. As a student, I couldn't have expected how much I'd love the school. The professors are genuinely passionate about helping people, and they each bring something different. One really understands how to add a soft, personal touch to everything they teach, but has such a methodical way of working with massage. Another has a background in psychology and is pursuing their Masters in Education, and as a student who hadn't been in school for a long time, and has issues with retaining information, their ability to teach how the mind retains, and talk about massage and clients in such an inclusive, understanding way, is brilliant. Another has pursued multiple sides of health, and can relay anatomy in a way that makes it easy to understand. Another has spent their life learning about martial arts and Chinese medicine, an acupuncturist and Tai Chi teacher who advocates the importance of balance in medicine, in understanding both the Eastern and Western approach to health, as each side has its purpose. Each is a licensed massage therapist, has been through the field, and pursued their own niche with it in an inspirational way. They're a group of instructors that emanate peace, hold space for the class and make it an open, lovely environment.

I absolutely love this school, can't speak well enough on the staff and environment they provide. I've always wanted to be in an environment that really fosters learning, and each instructor is themselves a student, constantly pursing more knowledge. They're all compassionate, brilliant people, and as someone who sat in at a couple other massage schools, I couldn't be happier with my choice. The teachers are inspirational and the environment is a bit addictive.

They offer classes 10-2 and 6-10, which makes it easier if things happen and you've to switch days. We're in the midst of the covid pandemic, and they've all worked so we can continue the classes that don't require touch and not fall too behind. Classes are offered in Spanish & English, with a good bit of the staff being bilingual.

I've received massage from the clinic, and that was excellent too, and really affordable, specially when you look at costs in the surrounding area.

11/10 would choose time & time again. Even the receptionist is loving & peaceful, he's the sweetest.

- Sarah Sykes

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