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Referral Program

Many of our students initially hear about Avalon School of Massage through a personal referral such as an existing student or alumni. We would like to reward you for promoting our school to your family and friends with our Referral Program!

Program Rewards

The Referral Program is open to all currently enrolled Avalon students and Avalon alumni. 

How it works:


Refer a friend and receive credit equal to 10% of your friend’s monthly payment amount. For example, if your friend’s monthly payment is $777 for 10 months, you receive $77.70 (10%) each month! You can receive up to $777 total for one referral! You can double this amount by referring a second friend!

If you are a student, you can apply this credit toward your own tuition on a monthly basis or on your total tuition balance. If you have no remaining balance, you can use the credit amount toward any CEU/Advanced classes, massage supplies, massage license application or MBLEx exam application. 

Avalon alumni, teachers and staff making referrals will receive an incentive check equal to the amount of the tuition credit after the new student pays their monthly tuition payment. 

Referred students will also receive a one-time 5% discount on the last payment of their payment agreement, so everyone wins! 

There is no limit to the number of student referrals that each current Avalon student or alumni can submit.

Program Rules & Regulations

When you refer a person to Avalon, they must: 

  1. Meet Avalon’s standard enrollment criteria 

  2. Complete and sign the Student Referral Form during the enrollment process 

  3. Enroll with us and remain enrolled with us. Student withdrawals (dropouts) will 
void that specific Referral agreement. 

  4. Make timely monthly payments. The new student must remain in good financial 
standing with the school for at least 60 days.

Download the student referral packet and submit the form in person to begin receiving your credit!

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