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Avalon School of Massage's reputation for quality instruction and high passing rates launches your career, empowering you to find your own clients, work on your schedule, and live a fulfilling life helping others.


Learn more than a simple massage routine. You get what you pay for, and at Avalon, not only do you learn how to help and care for others, but you'll also learn how to grow and develop yourself. We care about our students and set them up for success.


Start learning Swedish, Thai/Yoga, and Shiatsu massage techniques with our hands-on, practical classes. Combine those skills with Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Chinese Medicine Theory to perform the best treatment in the right areas to maximize your therapeutic effect.


Call 713-333-5250 to schedule an interview to see the school and meet some Avalonians or click below to have us contact you. 

Curriculum and Program Length

Call 713-333-5250 for more information

Program Curriculum - 23 weeks (450 class hours) + 4 to 12 week internship (50 intern hours)

Swedish Massage

Thai/Yoga Massage

TCM & Shiatsu (acupressure) Massage

Anatomy & Physiology



142 hrs

  30 hrs

  20 hrs

  75 hrs

  50 hrs

  20 hrs

(including pre-natal, sports, & deep tissue)

Business Ethics & Practices


Health & Hygiene

Aroma Therapy


  45 hrs

  40 hrs

  20 hrs

    5 hrs

  50 hrs

Total 500 hours takes 7-8 months including holidays and depending on internship hours

Program Cost and Payment Options

Pay in Full

Total tuition and deposit            

Discount for paying in full


           - $500 

Total  $7,470

Monthly Payments

Non-refundable deposit

Monthly payments  X  10



Total  $7,970

Work Study

Students can work at Avalon to partially pay for tuition and a custom payment plan would be negotiated with the school director based off the work schedule. Resume required.

Per Class

Not sure if you want a license or have the time to go through the whole program? Take a class at a time to learn how to massage better and earn class credit for if/when you decide to get a license. School director must sign off on it.                                    $80 per 4 hr daily class

Federal Financial Aid Coming Soon


Day Class - Mon-Fri: 10am - 2pm

Evening Class - Mon-Fri: 6pm - 10pm


2990 Richmond Ave Suite 200, Houston, TX 77098

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