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Why I Want to Become a Massage Therapist by Chase Fortuno

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

When I was seven years old my dad and I went to a Passover dinner at one of my dad's friend's house. There were at least twenty people there. I could see how tense many of them were. I got up from my seat and started to massage one of their neck and shoulders then, the next one, and the next. The only thing I can remember while doing this was that I wanted them to feel better. I continued to have the same heart, feelings, of wanting others to feel good and less stressed as I grew.

At the age of seventeen, I went to Texas School of Business on Richmond Avenue in Houston Texas. There, I became a Medical Assistant and loved the challenges of the classes, as I do at Avalon School of Massage. When I graduated, I continued on working at a doctor's office for Pediatrics. I still enjoyed helping people but did not enjoy this field. It was not the babies or children that made me change my desire for pediatrics, but more so the parents that were difficult for me at such a young age. Like at Avalon, I took a business class, learned about various medications, learned how to give injections, apply the butterfly intravenously, IVs and more; It was a great experience.

I took on many challenges over the next few years and worked in retail to pay the rent and bills. This was by far what I wanted for myself; I always wanted to be self employed. After my last retail job with Whole Foods Market, I desperately wanted a change and knew that I would do well in helping heal others. I reached out to a friend and a new journey began.

I went back to school and became a Tai Chi For Arthritis and Fall Prevention Rehabilitation Teacher. I worked as a contractor for Baker Ripley for two years and loved my clients. On Mondays, my class would be up to forty-five participants in a circle stretching and breathing. Houston Methodist Hospital reached out to me and gave me an offer that I could not resist. My contract ended with Baker Ripley and I signed a new contract with Houston Methodist Hospital. I have now been providing services at Houston Methodist Hospital for two and a half years now.

I was talking to my massage therapist and friend about how I thought that I would be a great massage therapist. He started showing me his techniques to get me familiar with the way Avalon would teach me. He too went to Avalon close to twenty years ago when the school first began teaching massage and said it was a great experience. I am now in my second module with Avalon and can say that I am loving it.

I realized how important it was for people to receive a massage to relieve stress in the body and mind. I started to get a massage myself once a month by my friend Jeremy. Having someone break down the knots that have accumulated is necessary. The more the body is relaxed, the more the body is able to flow and keep you healthy. Massage is good for your skin, mental state, circulation, the flow of the breath helps the body relax, and an overall feeling of peace for a few minutes at the least.

When it comes to helping others, I prefer hands on. I can feel the persons energy better this way and this enables me to help them even further. I want to be able to reach as many people as I can without tiring myself out. I believe this world could be a better place if more people received a massage. Massage can lead into other healthy practices as well. Most of the people that I know who receive massage also practice yoga, meditation, Reiki, reflexology and more.

I plan on teaching my clients breathing techniques during massage. This will help us become more in-sync and connected. Hopefully they will apply it to their daily lives to reduce their stress.

I am going to study hard, learn as much as I possibly can while I am with Avalon. I plan on furthering my education with Avalon. I want to learn Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and I am sure there is more. The more I learn, the more I grow. The more I learn and grow, the more I can help others in need.

I need my massage license to continue on my path and in the field of helping others heal. The license will help me connect on a deeper level with my clients as well. You can definitely feel the intention of the work you are providing through compassion and flow. I have been told by several friends that they were on cloud nine, felt completely relaxed, fall asleep, and tell me that they can't wait to see what I can add once I learn more. I am on an exciting adventure and loving every moment of it.

If you are an Avalon student interested in applying for the Dr. Sophie Rydin Scholarship, please click here.

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