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An Avalonian's Incredible Massage Journey

Before attending Avalon, I was living in a flophouse that, when moving in, I thought was an artist's community. It was terrible there; there were drugs being used and all kinds of abuse taking place. Just living there one might consider having hit rock bottom. I, along with the many residents there, fell to drug abuse and suffered some of the many consequences.

In my desperation and looking for a way out, I thought deeply to myself and realized with my intuitive and empathic qualities, along with my desire to find emotional and physical health, I could find a field of work that would not only pay my bills but immerse me in the lifestyle I knew I really wanted. This brought me hope because I greatly value the love and trust of a support network that not only cares about my wellbeing, but also their own and that of the world. Massage therapy is that for me!

I found and chose to attend Avalon School of Massage because I liked the good vibes compared to the other schools I toured in Houston. Throughout my time at Avalon, while dealing with emotional and physical trauma, I was guided with patience and care that promised me I could make it. I was able to open up to a couple of the instructors during some of the hardest times and their interest in my life and in helping me to improve its quality has really stuck with me.

I owe a massive thanks to the head of school at the time because there were points where I couldn't make it out of bed and I'd unknowingly accrued enough truant days to be dismissed from school. Randy Greer took me aside one day to tell me this but instead of turning me back out onto the street, he allowed me to restart the course at no additional fee and from there I went on to graduate. I even passed the MBLEx on my first try! I was overjoyed when I received my results because I knew from then on my life was going to be different. With my license, I plan to build a practice and live the life I want. I can't wait!

Avalon teachers & staff are so proud of this student who wishes to remain anonymous. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to all the good they will add to the world.

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